A few days ago, the IFSC decided not to run the competitions in China as planned due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

After consulting experts, IFSC President Marco Scolaris confirmed that due to the coronavirus outbreak, the IFSC competitions scheduled for April in Chongqing and Wujiang will not be held. This is for the protection of the athletes and the spectators. The IFSC is currently examining alternative solutions such as a time or geographic shift of the competitions.

“Our athletes are the focus of our sport. We have therefore decided not to hold the competitions in China in April and are now looking for alternative solutions. "

IFSC President Marco Scolaris

Asian Championships will not take place in China

The Asian Championships planned in Chongqing will also be canceled. Anthony Seah, President of the IFSC Asian Council, confirms that this competition, a qualifying event for the Olympic Games, will not take place in China as planned. The competition will be relocated within Asia.

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Credits: Cover picture IFSC / Eddie Fowke