At the beginning of the month, Swiss professional alpinist Dani Arnold set a new speed record at the Great Pinnacle. In just 46 minutes and 30 seconds, he defeated the 550 meter high wall. Dani Arnold reports on LACRUX why it was not all about the record time at the ascent.

A guest post by Dani Arnold

"This is not just another quick climb for me! No, it means much more to me. Because I was not ready for climbing shortly before. The expedition on my first eight-thousander, the Broad Peak, made me tired and my climbing level dropped to a low point!

On the other hand, this project was very challenging under the old record of 1h 5min. Some time ago, I thought that I probably could not do this. My many other speed ascents in recent years, such as at the Grandes Jorasses North Face (Walker pillars), but gave me self-confidence and the necessary experience.

"I climbed to a low point."

Dani Arnold

That it worked now in this fast time, I would not have thought. I was surprised myself and of course I was very happy. During the inspection on the 5. September 2019 was a photographer with us. That was very important for me, because I wanted to prove with pictures, time-lapse and film that everything was right. To show the story completely, it was necessary to film another day in the route. I did not climb the entire route without a rope and of course never again so fast. But I think the effort was worth it.

Of course I'm very happy with the whole project. Such an imposing and steep wall without rope, without safety and climbing so fast, is indescribable. But it's not just about the technical, every trip to the Dolomites I have always met new, super cute people.

"It was not just about the technical."

Dani Arnold

Having so many likeable friends around the world is worth at least as much as my records. That's why I want to thank everyone here. Everybody contributed a part to the whole and without them I would not have made it. The nature, the mountains and the outside senses connect the people and I would like to thank you again for every encounter. "

Dani Arnold

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Credits: Cover Picture Quattro Media / Mammoth, Text Dani Arnold