Dani Arnold sets a new record time in September 2019 at the Großer Zinne in the Dolomites. The professional alpinist climbs the north face via the Comici-Dimai route in 46 minutes and 30 seconds. The 35-year-old now holds the speed record on four of the six major north faces in Europe.

Three times Dani Arnold climbed the Comici-Dimai route in a rope team and prepared himself meticulously before entering the north wall of the Great Pinnacle on the 5. September tackles 2019 for its speed record attempt and writes history again. The legendary, 550 meter long, partly overhanging mountain wall is one of the peaks of the Three Peaks, a striking mountain in the Sesto Dolomites in Italy.

Previous record undercut by almost 20 minutes

The conditions in his speed record are anything but easy: "The rock is not always solid and slightly smeared, as polished, due to the many trips by other ropes," explains Dani. While an experienced roped party needs six to seven hours to climb, the 35 year-old achieves his goal in his speed record after just over 46 minutes, undercutting the existing record by almost 20 minutes.

Two rope teams in the record inspection outdated

The Swiss overtakes two cliques in the wall and another at the summit before being overwhelmed by his feelings.

"This success means a lot to me. Less than two months ago, I was on my first 8000er - anyone who is knowledgeable about climbing knows that they are not in their best shape and rather tired after that. Being fit again in such a short time is cool! »

Dani Arnold

With a wink, he reveals how proud the Swiss is of his achievements: "Almost all the big mountaineers have left their mark on the battlements - now I also have a hand in that."

Dani Arnold in the record-setting ascent of the Comici-Dimai-Route at the Great Pinnacle

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