The German climber Daniel Jung succeeds in the ascent of the Risskletter route The Recovery Drink, In contrast to the first-time winner Nico Favresse he placed all mobile devices in the lead. The route is possibly the toughest crack climbing route in the world.

The route The Recovery Drink at the Profile Wall in Jøssingfjord was first made by the Belgian Nico Favresse discovered and opened 2012. She first came to Nico a year later, but did not specify a level of difficulty. It is rumored that it could be an 8c + (or harder), making the route one of the heaviest crack climbing routes in the world. After all, numerous crack specialists, such as the Wideboyz (LACRUX reported), previously unsuccessful teeth.

Daniel Jung proves tenacity and gets the second ascent of The Recovery Drink

As already for Nico Favresse It was not easy for Daniel Jung to score the route. Numerous attempts, more than a trip and even an extension of this year's stay for four days, Daniel invested in the route The Recovery Drink to wring an inspection. Just a few days ago he said: “So close! I had many close tries so far. I even stuck the "karate" crux move once, but didn't got it well enough! "

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True to the motto “Last day, best day”, the 35-year-old managed to get through. "The" Recovery Drink "is DONE !! What a beautiful line, what a nice challenge! I'm extremely happy to have sent it finally on my very last day, ”he writes enthusiastically.

Video of the first visit Nico Favresse

Credits: Cover picture Fred Moix

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