David Firnenburg succeeds in the second ascent of the multi-pitch route 6.4 seconds (8b / 8b +, 7 SL, 170 Meter) on the Fürenwand near Engelberg.

Once more secures David Firnenburg the commission of a rarely-used route. In November 2018 he scored the 9a route The Neverland, first accomplished by Fred Nicole in March 2009. Just a few days ago he got another 1. Repeat a difficult route. His most recent visit is one of the heaviest multi-pitch routes in Switzerland called 6.4 seconds, first arrived Matthias Trottmann.

“What a fantastic day. The 6.4 seconds route has not seen a repetition in the past 13 years. And that, although rope teams tried again and again on the route. "

David Firnenburg

Last Saturday, David managed the redpoint walk of all pitches in one day and thus the first repetition of the route. He invested a day in bouldering the key lengths and cleaning the route and made short work of the second day.

The route 6.4 seconds at the Fürenwand was on 29. June 2006 committed by Matthias Trottmann red point. The strong overhanging route, which extends over seven pitches (6c, 8b / 8b +, 8a +, 8a, 8a, 7c +, 7b) and 170 climbing meters, he set up a year earlier.

“The route really strained my nerves and was a great experience in alpine terrain. Climbing is multi-layered and offers many ledges, slopers, overhanging sections, steep wall climbing and slab creepers. "

David Firnenburg on the route 6.4 seconds

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Information about the route 6.4 seconds at the Fürenwand

7 pitches
170 meters of climbing meters
25 meters overhanging
Best season: February to October
Topo: Edition Filidor

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