Caroline Treadway gets to the bottom of the issue of eating disorders in climbers in her documentary Light. Or to put it another way: She names the problem by name.

Have you ever decided to get a little lighter in order to climb better? Then you belong to the absolute majority of climbers. While this question and one or the other weight optimization are - to a certain extent - unproblematic for most, many people fall into the trap. And so eating disorders are more common than everyone knows. Because talking about the topic is still taboo.

Break with a taboo

Caroline Treadway breaks with this taboo in her documentary Light. The athletes Angie Payne, Emily Harrington, Andrea Szekely and Kai Lightner talk in the film about their experiences and their struggle with body weight and the associated dangers.

Light - A documentary about eating disorders in climbers

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Credits: Cover picture Caroline Treadway