Anyone who travels the alpine terrain usually needs a lot of material and carries a suitably heavy backpack. Therefore, the more important is the choice of a suitable backpack. This is where our product of the month, Deuter's Gravity Expedition, comes into play. The alpine backpack model is even available in a special version for women. Almost as important as the choice of backpack is the correct setting and loading of the backpack. Tips can be found at the end of the article.

The Gravity Expedition by Deuter is reduced to the essentials, but still trumps with a variety of functions that are of central importance in alpine ventures. These include the two adjustable side straps, which are used to attach the skis or mattress and two holders for ice axes.

If you carry too much weight on your back with this backpack, it is probably because of the content, because the Deuter Gravity Expedition is only 820 grams light (Model 42 + SL).

Gravity Expedition 42 + SL

Specially adapted to the female body support system

A special feature of the Gravity Expedition is its women's version, Shoulder straps and hip fins are tuned to the female anatomy, making carrying heavy loads more comfortable.

More or less packing volume

If you need more than the 45 liter pack volume, you can raise the lid in height and increase the volume of the backpack upwards. But if you want to reduce the volume, you can remove the lid in no time and tighten the side straps.

Ready for the adventure?

Both models available at Bächli Bergsport

Both models of the alpine backpack, the women version Gravity Expedition 42 + SL as the Gravity Expedition 45 +, are in all branches and in the Online shop of Bächli Bergsport .

Gravity Expedition 42 + SL

Gravity Expedition 45 +

Tips: Set the backpack correctly and pack it

The backpack, regardless of the model and brand, is only as good as you adapt it to your needs - and how you pack it later. Here are some tips on what to look out for when setting up and loading.

That's how you set the backpack correctly

So a backpack is optimally loaded

A maximum of 20-25% of body weight can be worn by a trained person for an extended period of time. The weight is easier to carry the closer it is to the center of gravity of the body. Especially larger backpacks from 30 liters should be loaded as follows.

  • Sleeping bag, down equipment and other light items stowed in the bottom compartment
  • Small items such as smartphone, sun cream and card are in good hands in the lid compartment
  • Medium heavy as clothes comes to the outside
  • Heavy equipment such as tent or provisions comes up to shoulder height, as close to the back as possible
This is how a backpack is loaded correctly. (Picture Deuter)

Product of the Month

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