Alexander Megos climbs a new line at the Schneiderloch in the Franconian Jura, Hello Kitty, and rates the tour with a 9a +.

In order to loosen up the training for the upcoming competitions, Alexander Megos made a short detour to the Franconian Jura. In the Schneiderloch area, he managed the first ascent of Hello Kitty (9a +).

The new line connects the two difficult sections of the existing Pantera and Black Label routes. Pirmin Bertle was already working on this combination and placed a bolt to connect the two lines.

I climbed the combination without the additional hook in the middle, which makes the passage a bit 'spicy', but is absolutely harmless.

Alexander Megos.

The bolt set by Pirmin Bertle was removed by a third party a few weeks later. And so voices are loud in social media that criticize the self-proclaimed "Franconian police officers". In this case, however, some weighty exponents are in agreement: The hook set by Pirmin is unnecessary.

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Credits: Cover picture kraftfactory