Is that motivating or depressing? This is Adam Ondra's ticklist after a short, two-day stopover in the Franconian Jura. Actually, he was on his way to Norway (Flatanger), where he tried perhaps the world's first 9c.

Adam Ondra's Frankenjura ticklist

In the two days in the Frankenjura, Adam not only climbed a hell of a lot of difficult routes. No. He climbs Grandslam (8b +), In the Middle of Nowhere (8b +) and three 8a + onsight. He downgraded the two 8b + routes from 8c. With two other routes of difficulty 8b +, Adam thinks it is a retro onsight or a "partial onsight ascent". In total, he climbed seven 8b +, three 8a + and one 8a within two days. Incredible, is not it? If you want to know in detail, consult the following list. Oh and by the way: when he arrived in Flatanger, Adam got the first ascent of Halibut (8c +) without further ado. Adam only needed two attempts for the route set up by Joe Kinder.

Ticklist Frankenjura Adam Ondra
Adam Ondra's ticklist in the Franconian Jura

Credits: Image EpicTV, Ticklist


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