The German climber Primin Bertle announces the possibly only fourth ascent of the 9a route Panthera at Schneiderloch.

Pirmin only spent an hour at the Schneiderloch sector until he successfully completed the red dot inspection of Panthera (9a). Pirmin warmed up at home on his training wall - he lives only 10 kilometers from the area.

“I succeeded in Panthera in the first attempt today. In total, I invested five attempts in the route this year. ”

Pirmin Bertle

Panthera was first started by his compatriot Markus Bock in 2009 and has only been repeated by Adam Ondra and Alexander Megos. Taking a route is a rarity given the current corona situation. It is therefore not surprising that Pirmin comments on his ascent as follows.

“It was not my intention to undermine the fight against Covid-19, but as a climber it is my job not to let good climbing conditions go by. Especially when many other things like presentations, workshops and trainings are no longer necessary. The risk of injury in such a well-established route after all these years of climbing is very low and there are hardly any people in the Schneiderloch. ”

Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle was secured by his partner. After inspecting Panthera, Pirmin entered Route 9a + Route Corona (no joke). The German was not allowed to go through the red point on this route.

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Credits: Cover picture Pirmin Bertle in the Corona route (9a +)