Jonathan Siegrist is in the best shape of his life. In the past year alone he has climbed 9a and harder ten times. At the end of May he managed another coup on the 5G wall not far from Las Vegas: the first ascent of Event Horizon (9b).

Steeled and motivated by his trip to Spain Jonathan Siegrist At the end of May on his home crag 5G get through his big project. The route was created Event Horizon, for which the strong American proposes grade 9b. "I felt in the best shape of my life when I came back from Santa Linya," says Jonathan Siegrist. So he immediately set about working on this monster. "It was so much fun deciphering the methods and challenging myself on this route."

"I felt in the best shape of my life when I returned from Santa Linya."

Jonathan Siegrist

Video: Jonathan Siegrist in the long boulder problem at the beginning of Event Horizon (9b)

Event Horizon: A 9b with three hard sequences

According to Jonathan Siegrist, the new test piece on the 5G wall not far from Las Vegas consists of three difficult sections: The first is a long and persistent boulder problem. He describes the second as a "vertical fins style" crux. Finally, technical endurance climbing without a resting position follows up to the deflector.

"I felt that I had nothing to lose and that I had every reason to give everything."

Jonathan Siegrist

At the final ascent, he assumed that he would be safe after the first two bouldering problems, says Jonathan Siegrist. “Actually, I struggled the most on the very last quickdraws on the perfect try. I screamed and could hardly hold on to the last few moves. At the same time, I felt that I had nothing to lose and that I had every reason to give everything»

Video: Jonathan Siegrist on the first ascent of Nu World (9a + / b)

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Credits: Cover picture Katy Dannenberg