Seb Bouin recently opened the world's second 9c with DNA. On the occasion of this historical ascent, we have compiled a list of the most difficult climbing routes in the world from grade 9b for you. The compilation is continuously updated.

2017 wrote Adam Ondra story when he was in Hanshallaren Cave in Norway Flatanger opened the world's first 9c. Silence has not been repeated to this day and is still considered the most difficult climbing route in the world.

Opened in 2020 Alex Megos another 9c route, Bibliography in Céüse, however, by Stefano Ghisolfi was devalued.

The next bang followed at the end of April 2022: Seb Bouin got through his long-term project DNA in the strongly overhanging Ramirole sector in the Verdon Gorge. For his first ascent, he also suggests grade 9c.

The following compilation gives an overview of the most difficult climbing routes in the world from grade 9b. The list is continuously updated.

Most difficult climbing routes in the world | As of May 21.11.2022, XNUMX

Cityroute nameareaFirst climbed byFirst ascent on
9cDNAVerdon GorgeSeb Bouin29.04.2022
9cSilenceFlatangerAdam Ondra03.09.2017
9b +ZvěřinecMoravian KarstAdam Ondra20.11.2022
9b +Supreme Jumbo LoveClark MountainSeb Bouin01.11.2022
9b +BibliographyCéüseAlex Megos05.08.2020
9b +Perfecto MundoMargalefAlex Megos09.05.2018
9b +Vasil VasilColumnAdam Ondra04.12.2013
9b +La Dura DuraOlianaAdam Ondra07.02.2013
9b +ChangeFlatangerAdam Ondra04.10.2012
9b / +Nordic MarathonFlatangerSeb Bouin21.07.2022
9b / +Beyond integralPic Saint LoupSeb BouinOct. 2020
9b / +La Rage d'AdamLa RamiroleSeb Bouin04.09.2019
9b / +MoveFlatangerAdam Ondra20.08.2013
9bHarlemOrgonLoïc ZehaniSept. 2022
9bRattaman VibrationsCeuseAlexander Megos.July 2022
9bEvent Horizon5GJonathan Siegrist30.05.2022
9bChicaneOrgonLoïc Zehani16.04.2022
9bWonderlandbowAdam Ondra22.03.2022
9bBombbowAdam Ondra02.03.2022
9bL'ArenautaSperlongaStefano Ghisolfi08.02.2022
9bTaurusByci scaleAdam Ondra23.12.2021
9bThe Lonely MountainbowStefano Ghisolfi18.12.2021
9bCafe SoloMargalefJorge Diaz-Rullo02.11.2021
9bPeakRodellarJonathan Flor22.05.2021
9bKing CappellasiuranaWilliam Bosi29.03.2021
9bereborbowStefano Ghisolfi
Laura Rogora (FFA)
9bMadame ChingTyrolAngela Eiter16.12.2020
9bsoul rock danceSouth KoreaHyunbin Min27.09.2020
9bCryptographySaint-LoupAlessandro Zeni01.01.2020
9bAtaxia HiperextensionCrevillentJonathan Guadalcazar31.12.2019
9bThe DreambrarSeb Bouin16.12.2019
9bObsessionOrgonLoïc Zehani07.10.2019
9bThe barrierJanseggPirmin Bertle26.08.2018
9bDisbeliefAcephaleAdam Ondra20.07.2018
9bSoul MateGozen RockSachi Amma25.03.2018
9bEagle-4St. LegerAdam Ondra
Julia Chanourdie (FFA)
9bOne slapLaghelAdam Ondra13.11.2017
9bmove hardFlatangerAdam Ondra10.07.2017
9bRainmanMalham CoveSteve mcclure04.06.2017
9bQueen linebowAdam Ondra18.04.2017
9bMamichulaOlianaAdam Ondra08.02.2017
9bRobin údAlternative Na StenaAdam Ondra05.10.2016
9bFight ClubRaven's CragAlex Megos14.08.2016
9bCRSmollansAdam Ondra02.11.2015
9bLapsusAndonnoStefano Ghisolfi02.11.2015
9bEl Bon CombatCova De L'OcellChris Sharma07.05.2015
9bPeruvian neck tieUtahJames LitzNov. 2013
9bIron curtainFlatangerAdam Ondra03.08.2013
9bMajorando ImagenMargalefRamón Julián PuigblanqueJuly 2013
9bStocking the FireSanta LinyaChris Sharma06.02.2013
9bFight or FlightOlianaChris Sharma05.05.2011
9bFirst Round, First MinuteMargalefChris Sharma20.04.2011
9bChilam BalamVillanueva Del RosarioAdam Ondra
Barnabas Fernandez
August 2003?
9bLa Planta de ShivaVillanueva Del RosarioAdam Ondra
Angela Eiter (FFA)
9bChaxi RaxiOlianaAdam Ondra27.03.2011
9bNeanderthalSanta LinyaChris Sharma18.12.2009
9bCoupsiuranaChris Sharma17.12.2008
9bDelinquent natural extensionRodellarDani Andrada13.09.2008
9bJumbo LoveClark MountainChris Sharma11.09.2008
9bAli Hulk extension sit startRodellarDani Andrada
Laura Rogora (FFA)
9bFlexLuthorFortress of SolitudeTommy Caldwell2003

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