In the middle of the week Shawn Raboutou let the cat out of the bag: last summer he got the first ascent of Fuck the System (8C +) in Fionnay and thus solved one of the old problems of bouldering legend Dave Graham, the sit start of Foundation's Edge (8c) . And he secretly bouldered 9A.

Shawn Raboutou could in the bouldering area Fionnay an old project by Dave graham climb: the sit start of the notorious 8C Foundation's Edge. The American baptized his line Fuck the System (8C+). Although he was able to climb the line for the first time in the summer of 2021, he did not think it necessary to announce his success in the media.

It wasn't until the middle of this week that he casually mentioned his First Ascent. His Fuck the System probably also includes the attention-seeking social media.

Shawn Raboutou First Ascent of Fuck The System 8c+
Shawn Raboutou opens another 8C+ boulder with Fuck the System. Picture: Clément Lechaptois

Props for Dave Graham

Instead, Shawn Raboutou pays tribute to bouldering legend Dave Graham in his commentary on the Fuck the System inspection and thanks him for his continued inspiration. "This guy climbs like he's from 2030 - ahead of his time," enthuses Raboutou.

This guy climbs like he's from 2030 - ahead of his time.

Shawn Raboutou on bouldering legend Dave Graham

And you have to agree with him. It is more than impressive how Dave Graham has found, climbed or preserved for posterity tough and equally aesthetic bouldering problems for over two decades.

Shaun Raboutou's hymn of inspiration, Graham replies immediately: “Damn. Thank you Shawn, you are from 2030. Thank you for making these dreams come true.”

Video: Dave Graham's First Ascent of the Foundation's Edge (8C)

More arrows in the quiver: When will Shawn communicate his 9a boulder?

Shawn Raboutou spent a large part of his winter season in Switzerland. And it's no secret that the American is in the form of his life right now, climbing a string of difficult boulders.

From conversations with numerous acquaintances of Raboutous, our magazine knows that the American climbed a 9a boulder (!) in Val Bavona for the first time, among other things. We know the details of the inspection, but we leave the communication primeur to Raboutou. When will he let the cat out of the bag?

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Credits: Cover picture Clément Lechaptois