The strong American Shawn Raboutou climbs another hard boulder in Ticino. He opened a new XNUMXc boulder in Val Bavona and named it Roadkill.

A year ago, it was Shawn Raboutou who climbed the, by then, hardest boulder in Switzerland. He managed to do the low-start version of the Val Bavona classic Off the Wagon. He gave the extended line a difficulty of 8c +.

He and his compatriot Daniel Woods have recently been back on the road with Giuliano Cameroni and are now reporting the ascent of Roadkill (8c) - also in Val Bavona.

"Shawn Raboutou has just climbed Roadkill for the first time, one of the best boulders in Ticino."

Giuliano Cameroni on Roadkill

Shawn discovered the line three years ago and has been working on a solution ever since. Roadkill is a very technical and friction-dependent boulder. The current good conditions in Ticino and a new subtle knee bar were now the key to Shawn's success.

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Credits: Cover picture Giuliano Cameroni