Chaehyun Seo is only the second woman ever to onsight climb an 8c route. In La Morera de Montsant, Spain, the 19-year-old South Korean scored the 60-meter-long mega route L'Antagonista. On the same day she also managed the onsight ascent of Hidrofóbia (8b).

wrote about a year ago Janja Garnbret Climbing story as she with Fish Eye became the first woman to onsight an 8c route. A few days ago also managed Chaehyun Seo an onsight ascent with this level of difficulty. In the Spanish climbing area the Mulberry of Montsant the 19-year-old South Korean climbed the 60-meter route L'Antagonista (8c).

"I can't believe I'm the second woman after Janja Garnbret to climb 8c onsight."

Chaehyun Seo
Chaehyun Seo (right) and belay partner Jongkuk Seo enjoy their onsight ascent of L'Antagonista (8c).
Chaehyun Seo (right) and belay partner Jongkuk Seo enjoy their onsight ascent of L'Antagonista (8c).

Top form on the plastic and on the rock

Chaehyun Seo is one of the strongest competitive climbers in the world. In 2022 she was regularly on the podium at international competitions, which earned her second place in the overall World Cup. The year before she ended the lead season on top of the podium.

"I fought hard in L'Antagonista for over an hour and I'm so happy I made it."

Chaehyun Seo

The 19-year-old South Korean is also on the real rock at the highest level. She climbed just a few days before her historic 8c onsight ascent La Rambla probably the most famous 9a+ route from siurana red dot. On the same day as L'Antagonista (8c), Chaehyun Seo scored another impressive onsight-style line: Hidrophobia (8b).

Chaehyun Seo climbs La Rambla (9a +) in Siurana. Image: Bernardo Gimenez
Chaehyun Seo climbs La Rambla (9a +) in Siurana. Picture: Bernardo Gimenez

In view of her young age, it will be interesting to see what else the top climber will pull off - and in two respects. On the one hand, she is one of the few athletes in the competitive arena who can hold a candle to the dominator Janja Garnbret. On the other hand, she has proven with her most recent ascent that she knows how to use her competition experience on the rock.

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Credits: Cover picture Chaehyun Seo

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