Janja Garnbret writes climbing history with her onsight ascent of the 8c route Fish Eye. Never before has a woman managed an onsight ascent of this level of difficulty.

UPDATE November 4.11.2021, 8: Two days after the onsight ascent of FIsh Eye (8c), Janja Garnbret followed suit and climbed another XNUMXc route onsight: American Hustle.

The Slovenian climber Janja Garnbret is undisputedly the strongest competitive climber today. She wins bouldering and lead climbing competitions on the running meter and on the Summer Olympics in Tokyo she won the gold medal. Due to her success in competitive climbing - and the intensive training that goes with it, she hardly had any time for rock climbing. But that has now changed.

"I'm enjoying my time in Oliana and two days ago I was able to climb my first 8c onsight with the Fish Eye route."

Janja Garnbret

It has been for a few days Yarn board in the Spanish climbing area Oliana and tries to bring her fitness to the rock. “Tried” could rightly be said at the beginning of her trip, because she failed in various onsight attempts. Two days ago, however, she flipped the switch and fought her way through the 50-meter-long endurance monster Fish Eye, rated 8c. Garnbret climbed the route without any information about the route and without having bouldered out in the first attempt, i.e. onsight.

Garnbret writes climbing history

No woman has ever managed to climb a route in this degree (8c) onsight. The limit was 8b + and only a dozen female climbers managed that. The latest 8b + onsight ascent goes to the account of Laura Rogorawho have favourited mid October Obi One Kenobi scored points in the climbing area of ​​San Rocchino.

Most difficult onsight ascents by women

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Credits: Cover picture Roman Krajnik