A few days ago, Cédric Lachat climbed the La Rambla (9a +) sports climbing route in Siurana, Spain. It is the fifth route for him in this level of difficulty.

The route La Rambla has it Cédric Lachat not easy. Already on several stays in Spain, he planned the most frequently committed 9a + in the world. After him the local hero Dani Andrada to a new one Beta drew attention, it worked for the Swiss with the boarding. He joins the list with meanwhile 27 names, which could wrest the route a redpoint ascension.

First ascent in the year 1994

The route was, in shorter form, for the first time before 25 years by the Germans Alex Huber committed and rated by this with 8c +. 2003 extended Ramón Julián Puigblanque the route by a few meters and upgraded it to 9a +. For a long time, La Rambla was considered the heaviest route in Spain and attracted athletes from all over the world. It is also the route with which the American woman Margo Hayes Climbing story wrote. As the first woman in the world she scored a route with the level of difficulty 9a +.

Cédric Lachat with the new beta in La Rambla

Overview of all La Rambla walks

Alex Huber, first visit in the year 1994
Ramón Julián Puigblanque, Extension in the year 2003
Edu Marín Garcia for the year 2006
Chris Sharma in the year 2006 - a day after Edu Marín
Andreas Bindhammer in the year 2007
Patxi Usobiaga for the year 2007
Adam Ondra for the year 2008
Enzo Oddo in the year 2011
Sachi Amma for the year 2012
Felix Neumärker in the year 2013
Sangwon Son in the year 2013
Alexander Megos. in the year 2013 - in the second attempt
Daniel Jung for the year 2014
Jonathan Siegrist for the year 2015
David Firnenburg for the year 2017
Matty Hong for the year 2017
Margo Hayes in the year 2017 - wrote climbing story: First woman who committed a 9a + red point.
Stefano Ghisolfi for the year 2017
Jacopo Larcher for the year 2017
Klemen Becan for the year 2017
Sébastien Bouin. 06 / 12 / 2017
Tomás Ravanal in the year 2018
Gerard Rull. 23 / 02 / 2018
Jon Cardwell in the year 2018
Piotr Schab for the year 2019
Dave graham for the year 2019
Gonzalo Larrocha in year 2019
Cédric Lachat for the year 2019

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