The Basque top climber Iker Pou concludes with a long-term project and commits the futuristic route Artaburu in Margalef, which follows several meters over a completely overhanging roof.

Iker Pou pursued one goal for six long years: to score points for his project in Margalef. A few days ago we received the message: "Artaburu is without a doubt the hardest route I have ever climbed." It is the greatest physical and psychological battle that the 41-year-old Basque has ever had. He went through many ups and downs and was supported on this way by numerous friends.

Route in the seemingly endless overhang of one-finger and two-finger holes

Iker is known for his incredible power and ability to climb on one-finger and two-finger holes. Not for nothing he was in the year 2000 the third climber, who succeeded in the commission of Action Directe in Frankenjura. We met Iker as part of a Margalef stay in the year 2015 while planning the route. If you stand under the roof through which Artaburu runs, you can hardly imagine that the route is climbable. Kicks are very rare to find, the ones that are there are bad. Accordingly, Iker performed a complete turn of the body after almost every move.

Iker Pou in the roof of the route Artaburu near Margalef. (Picture Jordi Canyi)
Iker Pou in the roof of the route Artaburu near Margalef. (Picture Jordi Canyi)

The question about the degree of difficulty

Iker is careful about the level of difficulty. As quoted at the beginning, it is the most difficult route for him that he has ever climbed. Given that he has already climbed 9a +, Artaburu will probably be in the 9b area.

Film sequences by Iker Pou in the route Artaburu, Margalef


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Credits: Cover picture Jordi Canyi


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