All climbers - from experienced big-wall experts to indoor beginners - are invited to complete the international climbing survey 2019. The survey published by Vertical-Life in collaboration with the IFSC aims to learn more about the interests and behaviors of all climbers in outdoor and indoor climbing.

With the 2020 Olympics on its doorstep, climbing is in the midst of a period of significant change such as urbanization and rapid growth. We want to find out what climbers like about their sport and what they think about current developments. The results of survey will serve as a snapshot of today's global climbing community and show where we're going as a sport and lifestyle.

As a reward, there is a coupon for a month free access to all digital climbing guides in the Vertical Life App, In addition, further great prizes will be raffled among the participants by FiveTen, Salewa and Zlagboard. Filling in takes about 20 minutes.

A summary of the main findings will be published subsequently via the online channels of Vertical-Life and LACRUX.