The Austrian Jakob Schubert gets the second ascent of the route El Bon Combat (9b / +) in the Cova de l'Ocell, Spain. Jakob says, however, that the route in his opinion rather than heavy 9a + classified.

"El Bon Combat is one of the best routes I've ever climbed, ”comments Jakob Schubert his celebration last weekend. Furnished and first arrived the route Chris Sharma in 2015. It was Chris who accompanied Jakob at the end of his stay in Spain and climbed with him. "Thank you Chris for the good time on the rock and my greatest respect for another Spain test piece," says Jakob.

Jakob Schubert questions the proposed level of difficulty

After all the words of praise, however, a question mark follows. Jakob Schubert classifies the route as easier than this Chris Sharma did. According to Jakob, the route did not feel extremely difficult right from the beginning, which is why he suggests 9a + as the level of difficulty.


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Chris Sharma speaks up

In addition to many words of praise for the repetition of Jakob, Chris also publishes a comment on the devaluation by Jakob. “It can certainly be that the route is 'only' a 9a +. But it can also very well be that Jakob is just incredibly fit at the moment and is not really aware of it, ”writes Chris Sharma, After all, have Jacob Won pretty much every competition of the season there was to win, says Chris. "Anyway, I'm happy that we liked the route and that we had a cool time on the rock."

Video: Chris Sharma on the El Bon Combat

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