As if the past days on the rope were not good enough, Jakob Schubert climbs the 8c-Boulder Catalan Witness the Fitness flash.

Jakob's ticklist after his spaniatrip can definitely be seen. A first highlight was the celebration of Stoking the Fire (9b) - LACRUX reported, A few days later followed Catxasa (9a +) and probably the first repeat of the 9a route Mercenaris del Passat, In Mercenaris del Passat, Jacob broke a Sika handle as he clipped the stall. Already in Stoking the Fire Jacob brought a handle. Maybe the Austrian just has too much power? If you look at his recent visit, then this assumption could be confirmed: He climbed the first by Chris Sharma 8c Boulder flash.

Jakob Schubert evaluates the boulder

About the Flash Commando of the Boulder in the Cova de l'Ocell Jakob is understandably grateful for this, but comments on the difficulty: "As nice as a 8c flash sounds, I can not agree, I guess it's more like low end 8b +", Jakob says Catalan Witness the Fitness (CWTF). The ultra-heavy and long roof boulder was on the 4. December 2015 first by Chris Sharma. To the degree of difficulty Sharma said then, CWTF connect a section in the area 8b / + with a 8a + Boulder and whatever that means, he looks forward to repeaters and their opinion.

Video about the ascent of Chris Sharma

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Credits: Cover picture Sebastian Rodriguez in the same boulder the same day


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