Janja Garnbret climbs during her stay in Spain in the Olymp of the strongest climbers. Just as she graduated from the old year, she started the new year by committing an 9a (La fabela pa la enmienda) and an 8c + (Blomu).

Since the last one Message about the Slovenian Janja Garnbret only seven days have passed. On the 3. January it became known that the 18 year old Selecció Natural (9a) and Open Your Mind (8c +) scored. As expected, Janja did not leave with the next sensation coming: she committed in the second half of her trip to Spain La fabela pa la enmienda (9a) and Blomu (8c +).

Followed in the footsteps of their compatriots

Built by Dani Andrada and pioneered by Edu Marin, the route is one of the most popular in the Santa Linya climbing area. Interestingly enough, the only two female tours of the route were made by two Slovenes: Mina Markovic and, most recently, Janja Garnbret.

In the Olympus of the strongest women

With the commission of Selecció natural and La fabela pa la enmienda Janja belongs to the illustrious group of the few women who could climb more than a 9a (or harder) red point. The list of names of the 9 climbers reads like the "who is who" of the climbing scene: Angela Eiter, Anak Verhoeven, Margo Hayes, Ashima Shiraishi, Laura Rogora, Mar Álvarez, Josune Bereziartu and Muriel Sarkany.


Credits: picture Tobias Lanzanasto

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