French-speaking Swiss Katherine Choong will be taking an on-sightseeing tour of the multi-pitch deep-sea route Deep Blue Sea (7b +) on the Eiger's Geneva pillar.

Katherine Choong, a member of the Swiss elite national team, has been at her side since Inspection of Cabane au Canada (9a) known to a wider mass. In the current year, the 27 year-old concentrated not only on competitions but also on multi-pitch climbing.

"When I asked my friends for a route tip, most recommended Deep Blue Sea on the Eiger. During the summer I never had the chance to drive to Grindelwald due to competitions, other projects and the weather. "

Katherine Choong

After the return of their stay in Spain resulted in a perfect weather window that Katherine for the ascent of the route Deep Blue Sea am Eiger wanted to use. With success. She climbed every pitch of the alpine route onsight.

Picture Nicolas Zambetti

"After my trip to the Montserrat climbing area, a perfect weather window suddenly opened up. I called my friend Nicolas Zambetti and asked if he would join me in the route. He immediately agreed. I was so lucky because Nicolas gave me all the support and logistics in the wall so I could focus on climbing. "

Katherine Choong

The first lengths had climbed fast, because the small bars and the slight wall slope are Katherine's favorite terrain. In the fifth length (7a) had Katherine some effort with a long pull to a wet grip (understandable), but could also climb this onsight. In the last heavy length, which is a bit boulderlastiger than the remaining pitches, Katherine had to work a little harder. But even after this length Katherine arrived without a "trailer" on the stand.

"Deep Blue Sea is one of the best routes I have ever climbed," says Katherine in an interview with LACRUX.

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Contrary to all recommendations to enter Deep Blue Sea only in midsummer and in perfect weather conditions, professional mountaineer Dani Arnold joined the route in winter. What came out of it, shows the following trailer and the reportage of Swiss television.

Trailer about Dani Arnold's winter inspection of Deep Blue Sea

Report about Dani Arnold's winter inspection of Deep Blue Sea on Swiss television

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Credits: Artwork Nicolas Zambetti