The Swiss Martin Keller announces the first ascent of the seat-start version of the Boulders Ninja Skills. As a rating, Martin specifies 8c / 8c +.

As befits Martin, there is an indescribable effort behind the visit. A total of 150 sessions spread over three years, he invested in the extension of the Boulder Ninja skills.

First came the Boulder without starting 2009 by the Finn Nalle Hukkataival, Committed in January last year Martin the original version of the Boulder (Interview with LACRUX). Now he added a seat start, which raises the difficulty level to 8c / 8c +. The ascent succeeded him only a week after the passage of The Story of Two Worlds.

Video about Martin Keller's ascent of Ninja Skills sit (8c / 8c +)

This is the dream boulder Ninja Skills in Sobrio

The Boulder Ninja Skills is located in Sobrio, Ticino. Since the visit by Nalle Hukkataival, the line has attracted numerous climbers. The first repetition succeeded the American Paul Robinson in the year 2010. Also Jimmy Webb, Jernej Kruder or Thilo Schröter (List not conclusive) are among the successful conquerors of the Boulder.

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Credits: Cover picture Hannes Kutza

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