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31-year-old from Zurich has a fatal accident while climbing in Ticino

A 31-year-old man was fatally injured in a climbing accident in the popular Ponte Brolla climbing area in Ticino on Saturday.

Melissa Le Nevé is the first woman to climb The Dagger (8B+)

One and a half years after the ascent, Melissa Le Nevé announced the first women's ascent of the 8B+ boulder The Dagger.

How the bouldering mecca Ticino came about: Richi Signer remembers

Richi Signer is one of the first Swiss boulderers. Today he looks back on his beginnings in the bouldering mecca of Ticino.

Aidan Roberts climbs two potential 9A boulders

Two new 9A boulders? Aidan Roberts was the first to climb two extremely hard boulders that have the potential to be of the highest difficulty.

New bouldering sector opened in Chironico: Full Ring

The Chironico bouldering area in Ticino already has several thousand bouldering lines, making it one of the most popular destinations in the climbing scene. Now Nils Favre from western Switzerland has opened a new sector near Schattental. This video introduces most of the boulders.

Outdoor enthusiasts meet here: Misoxperience Festival 2024

Attention bouldering and outdoor fans: The Misoxperience Outdoor Festival will take place for the third time in Misox, Graubünden, from May 4th to 12th.

Brione for beginners: The most beautiful boulders up to 7A

Brione is also easy: Today we'll show you where you can find beautiful bouldering problems in moderate degrees in the Verzasca Valley.

Video tribute to Ticino: Ticino Gravity

Ticino Gravity tells the story of bouldering in Ticino and accompanies Kim Marschner on his First Ascent of Embrace Gravity (8B+).



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