On Wednesday morning, a huge rock fall occurred on Piz Cengalo at the back of Val Bondasca. Four million cubic meters of rock have loosened. After the biggest landslide in decades, eight people were reported missing. The police assume there are two other people in the area.

The missing people are alpinists and hikers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They are searched for using tracking devices and helicopters. The guests of the SAC hut Sasc Furä were evacuated by helicopter.

Clearance until Bondo

The rock masses tumbled from the summit area into the valley and moved in the form of a debris flow to the municipality of Bondo. The village of Bündner was touched by the masses. Several stables and Maiensässe in the valley were rolled down.

Pictures of the rock masses in the Val Bondasca

SRF report on the rockfall in Bondo

Credits: Text: According to information from SRF, 20Minuten and bluewin.ch; Picture: Screenshot Tamedia-Video


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