Recently we received the message that Michele Caminati in the route The Elder Statesman (HXS 7a) In the Curbar sector in the Peak District suffered an 10 meter crash after a rope break. Fortunately, Michele came off with a broken wrist and foot.

As you can see in the video, the rope cuts over a long distance along an edge. This under permanent tension due to the case. Michele Caminati successfully climbed the route on Mondays and returned the day before yesterday to take some photos and a video of the ascent. During these experiments, what happens in the climbing scene is rarely heard. His rope broke.

In an interview with Planetmountain, Michele explains the incident as follows:

Michele Caminati_Photographer Pietro Bagnara_OpenCircle_Melloblocco
Michele Caminati (Photographer Pietro Bagnara / OpenCircle / Melloblocco)

"I saw everything live, I totally remember the accident, I was completely aware of what was happening ... As I fell I got ready to hit the wall, but then the rope broke and I fell onto my belayer and then hit the ground, probably first with my wrist. Fortunately I'm fine, I've got multiple fractures in my wrist, but the operation went well and my tendons are unaffected… My heel is broken in several places, but they're compound fractures and I've been told it won ' t need operating ... all in all it should take four to six months to get back to normal ... yeah! "

Here is the video of the accident after the rope break

Third ascent by James Pearson

How delicate the train is to the edge, shows the video of the successful passage of the route by James Pearson four years ago.

Credits: Picture Video

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