The two Belgians Nico Favresse and Sébastien Berthe completed the last tour of the so-called Alpine trilogy a few days ago: End of Silence.

Reached just two weeks ago Nico Favresse and Sebastien Berthe the first stop on your tour, the climbing area Rätikon. Your goal, the free ascent of the route Silbergeier, they reached quickly. Both climbed the route red point on the first day. The next official destination was the route The Emperor's New Clothes in the Kaiser Mountains in Austria.

Climate-neutral expedition with incredible climbing performance

The two Belgians used the bicycle as a means of transport for their trip, because they wanted to complete the trilogy of the Alps in a climate-neutral manner. Once at the Wilder Kaiser, expectations were very low, because the weather was bad. The motivation was still great and so, despite the rain, the two climbed the route and climbed until the clouds said goodbye and the holds became drier.

The key length was wet but after quite a fight and a few tries we narrowly scored the length.

Nico Favresse

Even if the two had to try some lengths several times due to the weather and climbed the last length in the dark, they managed the red point ascent again on the first day of the route.

Strong and crazy bunch

Last stop: End of Silence

As expected, Nico Favresse and Sébastien Berthe continued their incredible flight and also deciphered the last route of the so-called Alpine trilogy at the first attempt: End of Silence in the Berchtesgaden Alps.

Nico Favresse during the inspection of The Emperor's New Clothes. (Photo Damien Largeron)
Nico Favresse during the inspection of The Emperor's New Clothes. (Photo Damien Largeron)

Alpine trilogy marked a new dimension

The routes Silbergeier in the Rätikon, Des Kaiser's new clothes in the Kaiser Mountains and End of Silence on the Feuerhorn in the Berchtesgaden Alps together form the so-called Alpine trilogy.

Every route in the Alpine trilogy is absolutely fantastic and offers a good mix of perfect climbing and challenging pitches. Many thanks to the first-time climbers!

Nico Favresse

The three routes were first climbed in 1994 (End of Silence through Alexander Huber, The emperor's new clothes Stefan Glowacz and silver vulture through Beat Kammerlander) and marked a new milestone in alpine difficult climbing. The first free ascent of all routes was done by Stefan Glowacz in 2001, followed by Harald Berger in 2005.

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Credits: Cover picture Damien Largeron