The premiere of the 17-minute film Paradice with the professional pinists Nicolas Hojac, Jonas Schild and Stephan Siegrist will take place at the Rex cinema in Thun on January 2020, 20.

In winter, the Bernese Alps transform into a paradise for top alpine sport. Huge waterfalls freeze to ice and leave unique formations. Paradice shows three of the most beautiful Swiss ice climbing tours from an unusual perspective. A film about risk, responsibility and the beauty of nature.

“We're really excited to be launching the film we've been working on for the past three years. Paradice shows the beauty of frozen waterfalls as well as the great potential that we have here in Switzerland for ice climbing. "

Nicolas Hojac and Jonas Schild on the film Paradice

In 2017 the two alpinists Nicolas Hojac and Jonas Schild started the film project Paradice together with the filmmaker Daniel Bleuer. Later long-time professional mountaineer Stephan Siegrist joined them.

The camera accompanies the ice climbers into the most spectacular ice falls in the Bernese Oberland. Experienced alpinist Stephan Siegrist talks about the mountain sports of today to the impressive pictures. The viewer is immersed in the fascinating sport of ice climbing, but also sees the ambivalent relationship between people and nature.

The premiere of the 17-minute film will take place on January 2020, 20 at the Rex cinema in Thun. In a subsequent conversation with the audience, the authors discuss the topics included in the film and give them a look behind the scenes.

Tickets can be pre-ordered on the Kino Rex website.

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Credits: Images by Daniel Bleuer