Stephan Siegrist, Nicolas Hojac and Lukas Hinterberger climbed the northeast wall of the Cerro Cachet at the end of 2019 via a varied and demanding mixed climbing route with a difficulty of M7 +. The makers of Actiontalk TV have now published a report on the Patagonia trip by the Swiss team.

A contribution by Dominik Osswald from Actiontalk TV

Usually mountaineers and climbers move to the southern Patagonian ice sheet in the region El Chaltén. There the now world-famous mountains such as Cerro Torre or Fitz Roy rise out of the ice like rocky skyscrapers with their typical mushrooms. Also for Stephan Siegrist For a long time, this region was the most popular destination as an extreme mountaineer. He has traveled there 18 times.

Far from the usual alpinist hype

Along with Luke Hinterberger and he left Nicolas Hojac last autumn for the first time in the northern Patagonian ice sheet. The landscape there is as longing as in the south: pampas, rainforests, turquoise-blue lakes and mountains in the typical rime ice dress. However, this area has been much less explored by mountaineers.

Attractive mixed line on the Cerro Cachet just started

The Swiss team managed the third ascent of the Cerro Largo - a beautiful mountain that would surely be overrun by mountaineers if it had not been so remote. Technically, the Cerro Largo is not particularly difficult. So the Swiss turned to the as yet unclimbed northeast wall of the Cerro Cachet and found an appealing mixed line to the summit.

The three friends' expedition was a holistic adventure, from the long journey through the jungle to the success of the summit on the Cachet. They christened the first ascent "Homenaje a los amigos perdidos”In memory of colleagues who gave their lives in the mountains.

Stephan Siegrist, Nicolas Hojac and Lukas Hinterberger in Patagonia

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