It is not exclusive, but above all a problem of couples: he hard, they easy. The result of this weight difference is dangerous situations for the climber and the belayer. With the ohm of Edelrid, this problem is a thing of the past.

The first hook is hooked and Thomas reaches for the next handle of the route. Just then he slips off the downhill ride and falls into the rope. Due to the falling force it pulls his girlfriend in the air and he rushes almost unrestrained on the hall floor. This scenario is not uncommon.

Especially in the constellation of a climbing couple there is often a big difference in weight. If the lighter person secures the much heavier climber, his / her low body weight does not bring enough "resistance" into the system. The consequences are falls with contact with the ground or wide falls for the climber and dangerous situations for the security person.

The ohm is an ingenious innovation for rope teams with high weight difference. I often have climbing partners who are heavier than me. And that's why ohms are a real asset to climbing! "

Angy Eiter, professional athlete

This problem has taken the German manufacturer of climbing equipment Edelrid. The result is a device that eliminates the problem of weight difference out of the way.

Ohm is hooked into the first hook of the safety chain and thus acts as an upstream resistor. In case of a fall, the rope is pulled through the device and the fall is gradually slowed down more. The device does not stop the rope abruptly, but smoothly, so that the fall can be intercepted dynamically.

The advantages of the Edelrid Ohm at a glance

  • The belayer requires less manual effort to hold the fall
  • Dumping a heavy climber is much easier to control
  • When falling into the first hook, the ohm reduces the risk of a possible fall
  • The ohm can be used independently of the backup device used

This must be taken into account when using the Edelrid Ohm

  • Recommended weight difference: 10 - 40 kg
  • Minimum weight of the belayer: 40 kg
  • Suitable for single ropes in the range 8.9 to 11 millimeters

The Ohm of Edelrid - available at Bächli Bergsport

That might interest you - Edelrid Ambassador Tommy Caldwell in an interview

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