The Belgian Siebe Vanhee manages the redpoint ascent of the heavy multi-pitched long-distance tour Yeah Man (8b +, 9SL) in the Friborgian Gastlosen.

A few weeks after the tour of the route Yeah man by Cédric Lachat (LACRUX reported) the route is scored again: this time it is the Belgian Siebe Vanhee. For Siebe it is the heaviest multi-pitched trip he has ever climbed. All the more surprising is the fact that he was already able to walk on the fourth day in the route.

“Due to the rather humid conditions of the route, my expectations on the day of the ascent were low. The ideal way to climb relaxed is to have no expectations. My climbing partner that day, Vini, wanted to check out the route and was ready to climb all lengths of top rope. That gave me the opportunity to advance all lengths. "

Siebe Vanhee

And suddenly Sieben Vanhee hung in the stall after the eighth and most difficult length of the route Yeah man and then climbed the last length red dot. He is the third person to climb Yeah Man in one day. The second redpoint ascent in one day came to the Swiss about a month ago Cédric Lachat, The first ascent goes to the account of Giovanni Quirici.

The route Yeah man on the north side of the path into the Gastlosen extends over nine pitches and includes five lengths in the seventh degree, two 8a's, one 8a + and the 8b + as the key length.

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