From 25. to 28. August 2017 hosted the Alpine Wildlife Conservation Association Mountain Wilderness together with Wild Country and Patagonia the Keepwild Climbing Days. The two winners of the raffle were on the table Advertised LACRUX was.

A guest contribution by Tim Marklowski

The campaign keewild! climbs is committed to a respectful and nature-friendly mountain sports and focuses on, inter alia, sustainable climbing sports with reflected use of Bohrhaken.

Perfect weekend in alpine surroundings

Last weekend, a good 30 mountaineers of various ages and ability levels gathered on the picturesque Furgglenalp in the Alpstein. The goal: to exchange ideas, learn new things and brush up on old things - and of course climb a few Alpstein jewels. The weather was perfect in the following days and the event took place outdoors throughout. Even dinner and the supporting program could be enjoyed in the open air.

Learning from the pros

In addition to tours of classic routes, workshops were held on the topics of stand construction, mobile security equipment and rope technology / tactics, in which both clean beginners and experienced alpinists could learn something else. Climbing instructor Silvan Schüpbach supported the participants together with Mirko Storm (climbing instructor), Denys Thommen (mountain guide iA) and Andy Trunz (hardware expert, Wild Country).

In the midst of the forces of nature

The rope teams climbed on the Kreuzberge and around the Fählensee. Some games enjoyed the dubious pleasure of a sudden thunderstorm at the top of their venture on Sunday. Fortunately, the experiences remained impressive and everyone came back to the table that had already been set safe and without their hair standing up. The convivial evenings with fine food were rounded off by the photo lecture by professional alpinist and trad advocate Silvan Schüpbach. Humorous and authentic, he took us to the Muir Wall on El Capitan, including sweaty fingers.

The climbing world also needs original and wild tours

Overall, the fifth Keepwild Climbing Days were a highlight and set more than ever a sign that next to "Plaisirtouren" also original, wilder routes needs - and not just for daredevils, but simply for people who are intensively concerned with the matter Want to deal with rock. Climbing needs diversity - so in the future everyone will get their money's worth.

Broad support of the Keepwild Climbing Days

Finally a big thank you to the event sponsors. We thank Patagonia for providing clothing at the event, Wild Country for technical input and world-class test material, and myclimate for helping to run the event CO2-neutral.

Impressions of the Keepwild Climbing Days in the Alpstein

Successful Keepwild Climbing Days - More at

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Credits: picture and text Tim Marklowski

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