We drove to Mammut's headquarters to test your old climbing equipment. We have put ropes, belts and carabiners through their paces. When will the 20-year-old rope in the drop tower break? What is a normal fall and does it even occur in reality? We clarify.

We have in the Show BETA on Action Talk TV Called to send old material to us so that we can test it for strength in the drop tower and the tensile testing machine at Mammut.

So much in advance: our forecasts should be far off. But we also take a look at the development of the products, because that's what it's all about Mammoth primarily. What does it look like when a carbine is born? Apart from the fact that the carabiner must meet the strength standard. And did you know that ropes are always made of one material? What are the advantages of a mono material

Visiting Mammut - we destroy climbing ropes, harnesses and carabiners

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