The first Advent is over and Christmas is approaching. High time to think about gifts for his sweetheart. We present you the best gift ideas for climbers.

Alpha Cooking Set 2.2 by Sea to Summit - five-man on the mountain

With this cooking set everyone succeeds in a fine dinner after a day on the rocks. The Sea to Summit cooking set consists of two pots, two plates, two cups and lids. Thanks to the intelligent mass of the dishes, everything can be stored in one another to save space. The Alpha 2 pot cooking set 2.2 is a crockery babushka¹.

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Alpha 2 Pot cooking set 2.2 from Sea to Summit - Five on the Mountain


Climbskin - cream that gets under the skin

Climbskin is a special cream developed by climbers for climbers that makes the finger and cornea more elastic and resilient. Climbskin was developed by biologists, chemists and environmental experts who are enthusiastic about climbing and have a love for nature. Animal experiments were of course taboo. One percent of the income goes into projects for sustainable climbing.

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Climbskin Spain - cream that gets under your skin


Rent a camper with MyCamper - from VW buses to mobile homes

A camping vehicle is the perfect base for adventure in nature. You can flexibly get to the best places for climbing, bouldering, biking or ski touring and spend the night after a fine dinner around the campfire comfortably in the camper. On the Sharing platform myCamper Camping buses, caravans and motorhomes of any kind are available. Invite your sweetheart or your loved one on a weekend with a VW bus or give away a coupon, For more information, see

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Camper rent-to-MyCamper


Pemberton Pant by Arc'teryx - for the rock and everyday

Whether on the rocks or in everyday life - the Pemberton pant Arc'teryx looks awesome and yet is fully functional. The trousers made for climbing are made of light, robust and comfortable cotton blend. Thanks to the special cut, you can be seen with the pants away from the rock.

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Pemberton Pant of Arc'teryx


Pillar Printed Legging by Prana - it couldn't be more comfortable

Whether climbing or yoga, the Legging of Prana is your faithful companion. It has a pleasant, wide waistband and a decorative, geometric print in the lower leg area. The leggings are also suitable for winter, then as a layer under your boulder pants. Off to the rock!

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Pillar Printed Legging


Zip from Black Diamond - brings light into the dark

The days are getting shorter, the nights longer. The Zip by Black Diamond combines camping lantern and flashlight and brings light into the darkness. An 150 Lumen strong LED, provides pleasant light for cooking, sorting equipment or studying the map. In flashlight mode, an 90 lumens strong LED lamp takes over the lighting. With a fold-out hook, the zip can easily hang in the tent or outdoors.

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The Zip by Black Diamond combines camping lantern and flashlight


The Zlagboard - fingerboard with a personal trainer

The Zlagboard is more than a conventional finger board for climbers. The app that comes with it is like your personal trainer, telling you what to do. Thanks to a tilt mechanism in the board, your phone measures whether you have adhered to the given exercises. The training plans are developed by world-class climbers and trainers and specify the entire training process with hanging exercises, pull-ups and break times.

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The Zlagboard - Fingerboard with personal trainer


Credits: Cover picture Pavel Blazek

1: The name Babushka, for the wooden figures is very widespread, although the correct name for the nesting dolls would be matryoshka. More on this

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