In November, Alexander Megos stayed in southern Turkey and presented an unimaginable list of routes traveled. We'll show you which routes Alex quickly scored.

While you were mentioned as an athlete in climbing magazines around 30 years ago if you climbed a 7a red point, today's athletes have to offer a lot more. The reason for this is the rapid development of our sport, the rapid development of training options and the fact that there are more and more full-time climbers.

Today's athletes climb routes in the eighth French degree to warm up and no longer publish their ascent. Such inspections seem to be too “irrelevant”. At least in the case of Alexander Megos. is that also understandable.

Because the German professional climber scored during 13 climbing days in Geyikbayiri (Southern Turkey) so many difficult routes that the list is so incredibly long. Incidentally, he also managed the first ascent of the route Turkish haircut, probably the first 9a route in the country.

Alex Megos climbs routes at an express train pace. (Photo Jan Novak)

Alexander Megos climbed these routes in 13 climbing days rotpunkt

  • Fool Moon Devil 8b + / c
  • Aaron 8b + / c (with Kneepads)
  • Catch the Rainbow 8c
  • Shades of Gray 8c
  • Aquaduct 8c
  • Boyun Egme 8c
  • Panic Room 8c
  • Drop City 8c
  • Le Coup de Berger 8c (first ascent)
  • East-West Rock Together 8c (first ascent)
  • Beastmaker 8c (first ascent)
  • Le maximum 8c / +
  • Andreas Blues 8c +
  • Karma Sutra 8c + (with Kneepad)
  • Devers Royal 8c +
  • Phantastica 8c +
  • Turkish Haircut 9a (first ascent)

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Credits: Cover picture Jan Novak