Probably the most sustainable rope in the world has recently hit the market: the NEO 3R from Edelrid. It is made from 50% old ropes. How does it work? Why not made entirely from recycled material? we introduce the NEO 3R.

Ecological sustainability is a top priority at Edelrid. And so it is also the German mountain sports outfitter who works with the NEO 3R probably the most sustainable climbing rope in the world. The NEO 3R consists of 50% recycled ropes. But why not completely made from recycled material?

Technically possible, but ...

In terms of the process, Edelrid would be able to manufacture a climbing rope entirely from recycled material. However, the process of recovering the material is demanding and consequently expensive. The purchase price of the rope would be too high for anyone to buy a recycled rope. The NEO 3R Producing half of it from old ropes is therefore a compromise. The question arises: Would you be willing to buy a significantly more expensive rope that is made from 100% recycled material? The future will show.

This is how the NEO 3R is produced from old ropes

Six years of intensive research and collaboration with various institutes and government funding programs were necessary before the idea came about into a climbing rope that fully complies with the EN 892 / UIAA standard. So no easy undertaking. The following steps are carried out during production.

1. Shred used climbing ropes and rope scraps

In a first step, used climbing ropes and the remains of rope production are cut into scrap. The meal is then melted and processed into agglomerates and granules.

2. Make yarn

The challenge now is to transform the granulate into spinnable material from which high-strength yarns can be produced. And: These yarns must harmonize with other recycled and new materials in the new rope.

3. Braiding the climbing rope

Finally, new ropes are braided from the newly created yarn. The jacket as well as the rope core are ultimately half made of recycled material.

The NEO 3R from Edelrid

Edelrid NEO 3R: climbing rope made from recycled material.
Edelrid NEO 3R: climbing rope made from recycled material.

Product specifications for NEO 3R from Edelrid

  • Rope length: 50, 60, 70 and 80 meters
  • Diameter: 9.8mm
  • Standard falls: 5
  • Impact force: 8.6 kN
  • Weight: 63 grams per meter

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