In October 2020, Babsi Zangerl was the first woman to climb one of the toughest trad routes in Europe, Greenspit in the Valle dell'Orco. Black Diamond is now publishing a video about the story behind the visit.

Green Spit is one of the most famous and most difficult crack routes in Europe. The line in Italian Valle Dell'Orco was set up in the XNUMXs by Roberto Perucca with green bolts.

In 2003 the Swiss removed Didier berthod the bolts and climbed the route for the first time on September 14th of the same year with previously attached mobile safety devices. Two years later Didier returned to the route and cleared it again, but this time he laid the securing points during the ascent.

Drove in the past year Barbara Zangerl and you Partner Jacopo Larcher into the Valle Dell'Orco, sometimes to the route Greenspit to climb. With success. Jacopo and Babsi cleared the route. This video shows Babsi Zangerl's ascent.

Babsi Zangerl climbs Greenspit in the Valle Dell'Orco

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Credits: Cover Picture Black Diamond