About two weeks ago, Janja Garnbret wrote climbing history with the onsight ascent of the 8c route Fish Eye. A few days later she doubled up with American Hustle. This video shows the inspection of American Hustle.

Janja Garnbret is currently the strongest competitive climber in the world, without discussion. However, due to the intensive training and the dense competition calendar, she was rarely seen on the rock. At the beginning of November, after the Olympics and the end of the current season, she went to Spain and caused a stir on the rock for once: She managed the onsight ascent of the route Fish Eye (8c).

Climbing a route onsight at this level has never been achieved by any woman before her. Inspired by this performance, double yarn board for two days with another 8c onsight inspection (American Hustle) after.

The following video shows her impressive ascent and how she even takes off her sweater at a resting point during the ascent of American Hustle.

Janja Garnbret climbs American Hustle onsight

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Credits: Cover picture Toni Mas Buchaca

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