On October 20th, professional alpinist Michi Wohlleben and his friends succeeded in the first ascent of a multi-pitch route on the Trinity. The result is probably the most difficult tour in the Alpstein. But is it climbable? In this gripping report, Actiontalk TV shows the story behind the new route and spoke to the professional alpinist about the ascent style and the uncertainty of first ascent.

The Trinity rises into the sky like a vertical tabletop in the Alpstein. Climb up there? A new line right through the smooth wall? That is the vision of Michi Wohlleben. During the summer of 2020, he was with friends Remo Schläpfer and Markus Hutter the extremely easy-grip wall worked up.

Clear approach style followed

“Drilling from below” is the conviction of the team - long flights including drilling machine and cliffs included. The first ascent has been made, but will it also be free to climb? “It's written in the stars,” says Wohlleben.

But one thing is clear: he will give everything to climb his first ascent freely. Is it 8b +, 8c? ... Or even harder? The future will show.

First ascent of the Trinity

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Credits: Cover picture Roman Berner