In the year 2015 the two athletes Nina Caprez and Barbara Zangerl repeated one of the most demanding alpine climbing routes: Never ending Story (8b +, 11 SL) in the Rätikon. Now they complete the story of the ascent with the publication of a film.

The two Powerfrauen made the climbing scene sit up with the second and third repetition of the route three years ago. But not only the climbing scene was pleased with the double pass of the swiss-austrian duo, also classical media reported about Nina and Babsi. A few days ago, the two published a film about their experiences in the south wall of the seventh Kirchlispitze in Rätikon.

First ascent by Beat Kammerlander before 27 years

In order to become more or less aware of the performance of the two likeable climbers, it is worth taking a look at the “summit book”. The route did not see many entries of successful ascents before the two athletes. The alpine masterpiece was first climbed by the climbing rock Beat Kammerlander in 1991. It took 17 years for the Italian Pietro dal Prà to wrestle the route with a first repetition. Another ten years and many unsuccessful attempts by numerous aspirants passed until Barbara Zangerl and Nina Caprez attacked in 2015 and got the second and third repetitions.

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