The third season is approaching, the days are getting colder - but not as icy as in deep winter. Autumn temperatures therefore allow the climbing person in a T-shirt to embark on a route, while the belaying partner begins to shiver motionless. So what clothes to pack for climbing? Definitely a lightweight thermal jacket. For example the Atom LT Hoody from Arc'teryx.

Product of the month - presented by Bächli Bergsport / Fabian Reichle

First and foremost, a solid thermal jacket must be able to do one thing: provide warmth. The Atom LT Hoody does this very well - with synthetic insulation. The advantage of this over biological insulation, such as down, is its resistance to moisture, in which it still stores heat. The typical mid-layer jacket can also be worn solo without having to worry about the item of clothing becoming a sponge.

Comfortably warm belaying is thus guaranteed. However, if the temperatures drop so low, even for the intensive lead ascent, that climbing up in the T-shirt would be unreasonable, then the Atom LT Hoody also makes a good trap in the wall. On the one hand, the jacket weighs only 375 grams, on the other hand it is kept very puristic, figure-hugging and made of durable, yet elastic material. So it doesn't get in the way of technical, performance-oriented climbing either.

Women's model of the Atom LT Hoody jacket
Women's model of the Atom LT Hoody jacket
Women's model of the Atom LT Hoody jacket
Women's model of the Atom LT Hoody jacket

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Credits: Picture and text by Fabian Reichle from Bächli Bergsport