As part of the second episode of the news program BETA, we are dedicated to the following topics and spoke to Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert, Nico Favresse and Klaus Isele: Who will climb 9c next? Eiger north face under siege. Criticism of Nico Favresse and Sébastien Berthe. You can find the video of the show below.

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The sensational news from Alex Megos and its inspection of Bibliography is now a month old and yet we are interested in the topic 9c still burning. Because now exciting questions arise: who could join the select group of 9c climbers next? We present you our top 4 candidates, please Adam Ondra for an assessment and speak exclusively to our favorites (which we will not reveal at this point).

Is the 9c route Silence only feasible for Adam Ondra?

We also have the honor of being sports therapists Klaus Isele to greet with us. Whoever saw the film of Adam Ondra's inspection of the world's first 9c (Silence in Flatanger) knows Klaus. It was he who made Adam Ondra fit for the ultra-specific key position.

I wouldn't recommend any other climber to climb the route like Adam did.

Klaus Isele - sports therapist

Around the overhanging crack in Silence To climb, Adam Ondra twisted his knee at right angles. Is that the reason why, in the three years since the first ascent, Silence has never been seriously attempted by a potential repeater?

Two Belgians rush quickly and ruthlessly through the Alpine region

In our second main topic we talk about the appearance of the two Belgians Nicolas favresse and Sebastien Berthe: they were literally swept through the Alps in August and have the infamous trilogy consisting of multi-pitch routes Silbergeier, The Emperor's New Clothes and End of Silence Ticked off in an incredibly short time.

The appearance of Nico Favresse and Sébastien Berthe caused displeasure in the climbing scene.

This is first and foremost a remarkable achievement, a new dimension in speed in multi-pitch climbing. But the appearance of the two Belgians also caused displeasure in the scene because they partially devalued confirmed degrees. And then there was this thing on the Eiger, at the end of which it was a disappointing one Jacopo Larcher wrote on Instagram: “Never meet your childhood heroes. They gonna disappoint you ”. We clarify.

Action Talk BETA - Episode # 2

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