Last Sunday, Adam Ondra climbed his long-term project Project Hard (9c) and wrote climbing history. After the successful ascent Ondra had some time before he now communicates the name for the route: Silence

Ondra himself explains why he chose this name for the route: “When I was climbing through the crux of this route, I felt like if I was in my own world, with my mind in complete silence, my body relaxed and flowing up the moves in complete harmony despite the extreme difficulty of the moves. When I reached the anchor, I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. Too overwhelmed to break the silence. "

The message of the successful ascent of Silence

If you want to learn more about the Route Silence and want to see a few video clips from the route, we recommend this article.

Adam Ondra climbs the hardest route in the world

Credits: picture Bernardo Gimenez

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