On the 2. September 2017 wrote Adam Ondra climbing story. He climbed the heaviest route in the world: Silence (9c). The movie on the first 9c route is now available in full length.

“When I drilled the route and tried it for the first time, I realized how damn difficult the route is. I wasn't sure if the route would ever climb, ”said Adam Ondra at today's movie premiere. Nevertheless, or maybe because of that, he kept coming back. Alone the bottommost crux is so heavy that Adam speaks of an 8c bouldering spot. Before and after, however, it is necessary to conquer ultra-heavy places in the 45-meter-long route.

Strengthened and motivated from a performance low

When asked if he never thought of quitting, he replied: “I never thought of quitting. The absolute low point was when I got sick. During this time I could neither train nor climb properly. That was really depressing. In order not to get completely out of the concept, I concentrated, with the support of my physiotherapist, on the visualization of the route and on the study of the movement sequences, ”says Adam. After this low he came out stronger and full of motivation again. Apparently with a sufficiently large portion of both elements. On September 2, 2017, Adam climbed the world's first 9c.

Flim on the world's first 9c climbing route

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Credits: picture Video Adam Ondra

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