The Ukrainian Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky wrote on 8. November 2018 climbing story: At the age of 13 years, he succeeded in the tour of the route Chromosome X in Charmey, Switzerland.

The inspection of Chromosome X in the Swiss climbing area Charmey he comments dryly and soberly in his route book: “The first route in this degree. My beta is very different from that of Pirmin Bertle. “There is more to the ascent than a mere ascent in a new level for Illya. The young Ukrainian is only 13 years old. Attentive readers will notice that already Adam Ondra and Ashima Shiraishi scored a 9a at the age of 13. If we dig a little deeper and look at the exact age of the three athletes, then it becomes clear why it is still a record. The young Ukrainian from Kharkiv was a few days younger than the 9a chromosome X in the La Tribune sector Charmey succeeded.

Video of Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky inspecting chromosome X (9a)

Already at the age of nine 8a + climbed

"Rock climbing is the passion of my life", Illya writes on his Instagram account and continues: "I climbed my first 8a + at the age of 9, my first 8c at the age of 11." The following video shows the ascent of two more difficult ones Routes in Poland two years ago: First he scored Hipnofotofilia (8b +) at Birów Mountain. Shortly afterwards he climbed the 8c route Pijane Trójkąty at Big Cime.

Illya after inspecting two 8b's in spring

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Credits: picture Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky


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