With a final rank of 9 after the qualification day, Alex Megos just missed the top 8 and thus the final. But the Bassa Mawem placed in front of him could be injured. So will Megos move up to the final?

UPDATE 18.56:XNUMX p.m .:

The regulations do not provide for Alex Megos to move up - not even if Bassa Mawem announced a withdrawal due to an injury. This has now been confirmed by several sources, including DAV competition climbing. Apparently the final would be held with only seven athletes. The question arises as to what the speed run will look like, because the athletes have to compete in knockout mode.

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In the night heat of Japan, the Olympic climbing day has just come to an end - the athletes are grooming their battered fingers, giving interviews and the officials are working. Or maybe not. In any case, no one has yet been able to answer us what happens if Bassa Mawem actually has to give up injured.

After a strong performance (5.45 seconds, Olympic record and thus 1st place), the Frenchman was on the final course in the combined classification - but then had to break off injured in the lead. Apparently he sustained a serious bicep injury. Nevertheless, thanks to his strong speed performance and a solid performance in bouldering, he would be in 7th place and thus in the final.

Two questions now arise

1.) Will Bassa Mawem have to abandon the games?

2.) If yes: then move on Alex Megos in his place after?

In any case, it would border on a miracle if Bassa Mawem were fit again in the next two days. He held his upper arm, visibly worried, as soon as he was back on the ground and said: "Je crois que je me suis déchiré le biceps" - he thinks he has torn his biceps. This is what it looked like: his upper arm seemed to lose tension with a jerk when he pulled a long grip on an underhand grip.

Here Bassa Mawem's biceps tendon tears

Alex Megos finished the qualification in 9th place. He could move up into the top 8 if Bassa Mawem does not compete and the Olympic regulations provide for a move up in this case. It is also conceivable that the final will be held with only seven athletes. However, the fact that the final race is held at speed in knockout mode speaks against this - so two athletes have to compete against each other, which is not possible with seven athletes.

A corresponding request on our part at the IFSC has not yet been conclusively answered. We were only told that Bassa Mawem has not yet announced a withdrawal.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

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