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Raboutou in front of Seo and McNeice | Results Olympic Qualifier Series Shanghai

With one foot in Paris: At the Olympic Qualifier Series in Shanghai, Brooke Raboutou wins ahead of Chaehyun Seo and Erin McNeice.

Lee, Ginés López and Ondra on the podium | Results Olympic Qualifier Series Shanghai

Olympic Qualifier Series Part 1: Dohyun Lee, Alberto Ginés and Adam Ondra climb onto the podium in Shanghai.

Adam Ondra builds a climbing wall in a sauna | Beyond Focus 4

In preparation for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Adam Ondra and his team built a sauna - with a climbing wall. No joke.

“I liked speed climbing a bit” | Adam Ondra - Beyond Focus

Adam Ondra has never made a secret of his aversion to speed climbing and has always criticized the combined Olympic format. But he still found a little joy in the discipline, as he reveals in the latest edition of his four-part video series "Beyond Focus".

Video: Adam Ondra on the biggest challenge of his career

The decision to take part in the Olympic Games presented Adam Ondra with the greatest challenge of his life. In this video (part 1 of 4) Adam Ondra gives personal and extremely interesting insights into the time before the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Alberto Ginés López: young, strong and taciturn

The 18-year-old Spaniard is a whiz kid. But who is he actually? Symbolic of his meteoric rise, the information about his person is lagging behind. Even the Spanish media don't know much about their protégé. We'll wear it together.

That is why speed climbing must be rated separately

Much has now been discussed about the controversial combination format that was held at the Olympics and selected the first Olympic champions. The main focus was on the question of whether the speed discipline falsified the ranking. We say yes. But the vertical sprint was good for the spectacle.

Why is Janja Garnbret the strongest competitive climber in the world?

Our sport celebrated its debut at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In the women's category, Janja Garnbret won after an impressive performance in the disciplines...



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