For a year and a half, filmmaker Frédéric Favre has accompanied and portrayed three participants in the Patrouille de Glacier ski touring race. The official theatrical release of the film is on 16. November 2017.

It is one of the hardest races in alpine skiing: The Glacier Patrol. During one and a half years Frédéric Favre accompanied three participants. In the training that brings her to her physical limit, in the mental preparation that reveals her deepest fears, in the race that pushes her to the limit.

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Three protagonists, three different stories

Florence wants to start in memory of her father, but as a loner she has to learn team spirit. Guillaume is a competitive body and soul, but his greatest struggle is reconciling family, work and passion. Antoine has a drug withdrawal behind him: time to prove to the world what he is capable of. Encordés is an intimate glimpse into an adventure that changes lives.

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