Swiss climber Giuliano Cameroni does the first ascent of a climbing route in Val Bavona: Simple Man (8c).

Around two years ago, Giuliano said in an interview with LACRUX that he wanted to focus on bouldering for a while and only start climbing on a rope much later. Obviously the changed his mind and started to switch a bit earlier than planned. Last year he already climbed a hard route, he made the first ascent of South Africa's first 9a (Legacy ).

Hot spot Val Bavona

Another line that caught Giulianos attention lays in the beautiful Val Bavona. The line follows a long edge of a giant granite block and was equiped by Fabrizio Calebasso . Giuliano Cameroni now managed to do the first ascent and called the route Simple Man (8c).

“Val Bavona is one of the best climbing areas. World class blocks lie along the small road that winds through the valley. Many of the blocks are so high that they cannot be climbed without a rope. "

Giuliano on the Val Bavona
Picture by Giuliano Cameroni

It is these blocks that made Giuliano want to set up and climb short routes. We are excited to see which lines - boulders and routes - will be opened in the near future. Because at the moment there is a strong force in the Tessin, Giuliano is among others Jimmy Webb and Samuel Ometz at the beginning.

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Giuliano Cameroni on the first ascent of difficult boulders in Cresciano and Brione

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Credits: Cover picture Giuliano Cameroni